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Give yourself a Hairspray makeover with new iPhone app

The success of apps like FatBooth are going to mean a rash of branded photo-manipulation apps in the coming months, mark our words. The producers of the Hairspray musical have done well to get in early.

The Hairspray app actually comes from Australia, where the musical is currently going down a storm in Melbourne.

It’s all about turning yourself into a Hairspray character, by choosing one of eight available, and inserting yourself into the picture. It’s like one of those ‘stick your head through the hole’ attractions you find on British beaches. A bit.

The results can be saved to your iPhone, or shared on Twitter and Facebook. Limited novelty value? Sure, but there are plenty of Hairspray fans out there. We’re waiting for someone to do this kind of thing with a virtual Lady Gaga meat dress…


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