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Glasses-free 3D demoed on an iPad 2

Thought you could only do glasses-less 3D on a Nintendo 3DS, LG Optimus 3D or Optimus Pad? You thought wrong!

Laurence Nigay and Jeremie Francone from the EHCI Research Group have put together a demo video which shows off simple – but effective – 3D effects on a iPad 2. They achieved this by using just the iPad 2’s front-facing camera and head tracking software.

Everything you see here is done with just the camera; as the pair say in the video description, it doesn’t use the iPad 2’s accelerometer at all. And you thought those cameras were only good for taking funny cat pictures.

As one commenter on the YouTube video points out, it’s pretty similar to the HoloToy game for iPhone and iPad. So it’s not exactly new, in that we’ve seen glasses-less 3D on iOS before.

But this is slightly different in that it uses a camera and not an accelerometer. Plus the video is really cool and we thought you’d enjoy it.

Source: Macstories via 9to5Mac


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