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Glassguard nanoliquid makes your phone’s screen borderline diamond-hard

A liquid product called Glassguard promises to give your phone’s screen a completely invisible layer of armour. 

This colourless nanoliquid compound will apparently bond with the molecules of the glass, giving you an extra degree of protection without compromising on display quality. 

Glassguard wipes will come in three sizes and are designed to be applied to the screens of watches, phones and tablets. The disposable wipes impregnated screens with a tough, transparent veneer. By the time it takes a spent cloth to dry out, roughly 10-15 minutes, the bonding process will be completed. 

Duncan Scoular, managing director of Modern Technology Services, which is helping to launch Glassguard in the UK along with MOLS’s phone covers says that Glassguard gives your phone’s screen a 9H hardness/pencil rating, which, on paper, will be enough to protect your phone against marks and scratches from coins and keys. 

This uses the Mohs rating scale, which is based on the ability of one material or mineral to visibly scratch another.  

Corning’s Gorilla Glass is incredibly durable, that hasn’t stopped us from picking up minor scratches. Pockets and handbags are dangerous places for phones, full of coins and keys and other sharp, pointy things, so we’ll welcome anything that can make our tech tougher. 

Corning itself shies away from talking about hardness ratings but ZTE puts it at 6-6.5H on the Mohs scale here. It’s main component quartz (silicon dioxide) is 7H. Diamond tops the scale at 10H. 

While the exact make up of Glassguard isn’t specified, it combines the protective and adhesive properties of silicon tetraoxide (SiO4) and silane (SiH4). It’s made by a company called Advanced Nano Coating, who we understand are guarding its product like it’s the Colonel’s secret recipe. 

Scoular argues that for a small price, you can greatly increase the durability of your phone’s screen. Watch, phone and tablet-sized Glassguard wipes will be priced at £7.99, £9.99 and £11.99 respectively and the coating will be good for up to five years. 

Sadly, we weren’t able to get any eyes-on time with Glassguard – we only got to see the packaging which will come with a small microfibre wipe for use before and after application – but Scoular assured us that it’s colourless and odourless. 

Let’s be honest, most plastic screen protectors look bloody awful. No matter how carefully you apply them, air bubbles will invariably appear somewhere, plus they always attract dirt at the edges. 

As part of a package to make your phone as well protected as it can be, you’ll also be able to pick up a MOLS case plus a Glassguard wipe for £27 and save a bit of money. Glassguard is launching in the UK on September 24. 


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