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Glastonbury app arrives across smartphones

It’s under a fortnight away from the annually sold-out Glastonbury, and whilst we prepare our daft wellies, check the tent for mould, and pack the toilet roll, Orange has joined with both The Guardian and Glasto organisers to setup this impressive app to guide you around the festival’s, er, festivities.

The app, which is available across Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and even Symbian, is being constantly updated, and has even been made with a focus on telling your friends exactly how much fun they’re missing out on.

Arguably the biggest festival, there’s an interactive map with schedules to mark down your favourite artists and ensure you don’t miss them. Reminders can even be added to make sure you don’t sleep through their set.

The app is free to download, while Orange will also be established their own ‘chill ‘n charge‘ tents- which do exactly what they say they will.

There will be several setup around the Glasto site, and charging your phone is free- even if you’re not with the nectarine-coloured network.

Here’s Conor, of ConorfromOrange fame, on a train to Glasto.



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