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Gmail Priority Inbox now accessible on the iPhone and other mobile browsers

Just before Christmas last year, Google added the Priority Inbox feature to its Gmail app for Android 2.2+ phones. Now Android phones (running 1.5+) and other mobile browsers should be able make use of this, simply by heading to

Gmail Priority Inbox, is a neat automated system that prioritises your emails, based on which ones you read the most.

Priority emails can either be viewed in a separate inbox or in your standard inbox, were they’re identified by a yellow tag.

Once you’ve enabled Priority Inbox on Gmail from your desktop, you should start seeing yellow tags and importance markers in your inbox when you check it from your phone.

This new feature is available for mobile browsers that support HTML5, including iPhones running iOS 3+ and Android phones running 1.5 and higher.

Currently, you can’t set up Priority Inbox or mark messages as important from your phone. But you can at least check for priorirised and important messages, which you couldn’t do before.

Source: Google Mobile Blog


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