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Keep your kids entertained this Christmas with the new Go CBBC app

The irony of the holiday season is that for many, especially all you parents out there, there isn’t a lot of time to actually relax, particularly if you’re trying to keep the kids entertained between present wrapping, tree decorating and assembling a roast dinner large enough to feed a small army. Cue the new Go CBBC app to grant you at least a little feet-up time over festive period.

Launching today, CBBC’s new app has been built from the ground up to give your kids a new way to access content tailored just for them. The Rubix Cube-like interface lets you swipe and scramble the various types of media on offer with everything from video clips, games, shows and more to explore.

We met with the team behind the app who’ve been working on putting Go CBBC together over the last 18 months. From the fun UI to the playful idle animations that notice when you’ve left your phone or tablet alone for too long, the whole experience is interactive and fun.

There’s a wealth of CBBC content built in, including themed games featuring characters from popular CBBC shows like The Dumping Ground, Wolfblood and Horrible Histories. There are even exclusive video clips, vlogs from characters and even full episodes of shows, all accessible without leaving the application.

If the ever-changing grid of content is a bit much, you can also use the find feature which lets you filter content by type and set up a profile, which we were assured doesn’t tie into Game Centre on iOS or any external sources. In fact, the user profiles mean that if you’ve got multiple sproglets playing games and earning achievements, nobody loses out.

It’s a fun, simple to use and well thought out app that’s arrived at the perfect time ahead of the Christmas rush. What’s more it’s available for iOS, Android and Amazon Kindle Fire tablets for free, right now. So eat, drink, be merry and take comfort in the fact that for a few precious minutes a day, you can guarantee some time to yourself and keep everybody else happy too.


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