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Good Deal: Gold HTC One with 3 months half price line rental from Vodafone

Grab a brand new HTC One in gold with half price line rental for the first three months on a number of plans courtesy of yours truly and Vodafone.

We love the HTC One, it charmed us when it launched last year for a myriad of reasons. The 4.7-inch Full HD display is stunning from every angle, the design is a combination of precisely crafted aluminium and durable glass that feels lightweight and elegant in-hand, the camera technology at play is unlike anything else on the market and HTC’s take on Android is simple, beautiful and powerful.

The most recent revision of the One (and most likely the last before its 2014 successor appears) comes in a champagne gold finish, reminiscent of the gold iPhone 5S. You can see our unboxing above and what’s more you can get your hands on one at a discount right now, but checking out our HTC One deals.

HTC One gold

If you fancy a One that’s been kissed by the Midas touch as your new smartphone, then how does three months half price line rental sound? There are a number of different contracts to choose from, but picking up a gold One on a £33 a month, 24 month plan will grant you a free handset, unlimited calls and texts, 1GB of monthly data allowance and 1GB of free BT WiFi access across the UK.

Sound good? Just check out the HTC One deals page, hit ‘get deal’ and don’t forget to enter our unique promotional code.


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