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Goldfrapp comes to iPhone… with a pinball game?

Lots of bands and singers have iPhone apps, but how many of them have their own pinball games, eh? Just one so far: Slayer. But now they’ve been joined by UK duo Goldfrapp.

Goldfrapp Pinball isn’t quite as whizzy as Slayer Pinball Rocks on the graphics side: it has a simpler 2D look. However, there’s a musical twist here, since whenever the ball collides with an object, a different sample is triggered from Goldfrapp’s new album, Head First.

The idea is that you’re creating remixes as much as playing pinball. There are suitably floaty visuals in the background too, in keeping with the band’s latest image. Global high-score tables are thrown in too, so you can see how your score compares to other fans.

Goldfrapp Pinball doesn’t look like the most advanced pinball game on the App Store, but it’s free, so should attract a fair few fans. That’s once it’s out here, mind: weirdly the game appears to be live in the US App Store, but not yet in the UK.


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