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Good deal: GTA Chinatown Wars price slashed on Android and iOS

To celebrate the Chinese New Year, why not run over lots of innocent pedestrians and curb stomp some drug dealers in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, now available at a super-low price on the App Store and Google Play?

We were super-psyched when GTA Chinatown Wars jumped from the Nintendo DS onto iOS and Android, as this stand-out entry in the ultraviolent series was specially made with mobile gaming in mind. Boasting unique cel-shaded graphics, surprisingly fun mini-games and loads of bonkers side-missions to eat up your daily commute, we’d say that Chinatown Wars is the best Grand Theft Auto experience on mobile platforms right now.

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If you still haven’t played Chinatown Wars, the good news is that the App Store and Google Play price has been cut to just £1.49 for a limited time, in honour of the Chinese New Year. There’s no mention of when this awesome deal will end, so get on it quick before the price jumps back up.

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