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Good Deal: Three has the LG G2 for £400 on PAYG

We really like the LG G2. The display is gorgeous, the optically stabilised camera is great, and it’s extremely fast. True, the software could be better, but you can negate a lot of LG’s customisations thanks to Android. Imagine our surprise, then, to see Three offering the newly released handset at a fantastic price.

Three is currently selling the LG G2 for £400 on Pay As You Go, although a mandatory £10 top-up will bring the total bill to £410. That’s a great price for a brand new flagship device, especially when you consider that online retailers such as Clove and Unlocked Mobiles are selling the phone for £450 and £490 respectively. Getting the phone unlocked for use on other networks shouldn’t be a problem either.

Our advice: Snatch this one up while Three still has stock.

Spotted at Mobot


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