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Google and Visa sign Google Wallet deal: NFC payments for the UK in 2012

So as expected, Google took the wraps off of it’s Google Wallet app yesterday. Shortly following this, Visa announced that it has signed a deal with Google, giving the search giant worldwide license to use Visa payWave.

In a nutshell, this will allow those of you with Visa debit, credit and prepaid cards to add your account details to Google Wallet. So when the Wallet app finally arrives in the UK, you’ll be able to tap and pay with NFC-enabled Android phones, like the Samsung Google Nexus S.

CEO of Visa Europe Peter Ayliffe said in a statement that “70,000 contactless terminals” have been rolled out in the UK, and that there will be “over 30 million contactless Visa cards in circulation across Europe,” by the end of this year. For the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games, Visa will also be installing contactless payment points across the venues.

Ayliffe added that “we believe that 2012 will be the year that new payment technologies such as mobile and contactless achieve mainstream consumer acceptance.

Today’s announcement is another demonstration of our commitment to working with players from across the payments ecosystem to bring our vision to life, delivering choice in payments for consumers and retailers.”

So far, Google Wallet, which has begun its public trial phase, will only be available on Sprint Nexus S 4Gs in the States, with customers who’ve got a Citi MasterCard credit card or a Google Prepaid Card.

Over on its blog, Google also announced that its working with American Express and Discover as well. So in the future, you shouldn’t have a problem getting your NFC phone accepted anywhere.

Aside from the Nexus S, we’ve seen smaller feature phones, like the Samsung Tocco Quick Tap coming with NFC chips built in. All of the latest BlackBerry phones, including the Bold 9900, the Torch 9810, Torch 9860 and the Curve 9360 come fully loaded with NFC chips as well. No word yet if Google will be rolling out other platform versions of its Wallet app, or whether BlackBerry users will have to use another e-wallet service.

So while we won’t be seeing Google Wallet opening in the UK today, Visa’s announcement is an encouraging sign of things to come.