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Google App Inventor now open to everyone, make your own lolcat Android apps

Google’s App Inventor program, previously only available to a few beta testers, is now open to the public. So long as you have a Google Account and an Android phone you’re free to start making your own Android apps; no programming knowledge or l33t sk1llz required.

You create apps by using preset templates, adding basic things like buttons, checkboxes and media like pictures and sound files. The video below shows someone making a simple app by combining a cat jpeg and a wav file of said cat meowing. You can also create more complex apps that make use of things like your phones GPS and internet settings if you wish.

To work your computer will need to meet these minimum specs and your Android phone will need to have an SD card installed. Google says that App Inventor should work with all Android phones but have only confirmed that it works with the Nexus One, Motorola Milestone, HTC Desire, HTC Hero and the T-Mobile G1.

Finally, we’ve found a use for all those cat pictures we’ve taken on our Nexus One. We’re going to play around with App Inventor later and let you know how we get on.

Google via Android Community


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