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Google Asus Nexus 7 tablet camera appears on Picasa

The existence of a Google Nexus tablet has become increasingly likely in recent weeks, with talk of a partnership between Google and Asus in order to produce an affordable competitive device, set to tackle the likes of Amazon’s Kindle Fire. The latest whisper of information comes in the form of an innocuous photo taken by a camera dubbed the ‘Asus Nexus 7’.

Google’s online photo service, Picasa plays host to a number of upload sources, not excluding direct uploads from Android devices. The Google Nexus S was originally discovered by leaked photo metadata too and it would appear that history is repeating itself with the information lying behind this new ceiling tiles image (see the photo in question here). The Nexus tablet camera uploaded the photo in 1280×960 resolution, although this does not confirm anything about the full resolution capable by the tablet.

nexus tab

According to The Verge, the image was uploaded by user Somit Bh and taken from within the Google campus in California (Google building 44 to be precise). Although all of these characteristics could have been forged without much difficulty, the user in question also has ties to other notable Google employees within his circles and there’s little reason to believe that the photo is a forgery, however the leak could have been intentional for this very purpose.

Google is expected to unveil the Asus Nexus tablet at Google I/O this time next week (June 27th) where the company are also planning to talk about the upcoming improvements and enhancements for Android, possibly culminating in the announcement of the next major release, dubbed ‘Jelly Bean’. This new tidbit of information, paired with rumblings of 600,000 Nexus tablets arriving in time for sale next month and some previously leaked benchmarking scores, all point to a tablet that’s simply waiting in the wings, the good thing is, it doesn’t have long to wait.


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