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Google Asus Nexus tablet benchmarks spotted

The Google Nexus tablet, an idea which has roamed the thoughts of Android fans everywhere since the reveal of the HTC-made Nexus One back in 2010. It wasn’t until this year that anything beyond a thought truly gave this idea legitimacy, but an increasing number of clues elude to the device’s existence. Now benchmarking results provide not only a name, but a host of clues to other elements surrounding the tablet.

Android Police was able to scoop up a screen from Rightware’s Power Board benchmarking website, containing key information which could indeed be interpreted as the presence of a real Nexus tablet.

Google Asus Nexus tablet


First and foremost the product name ‘Google Asus Nexus 7’ reinforces the partnership which has formed between Google and Asus, who are thought to be basing the Nexus tablet underpinnings on its own Asus MeMO pad. With a 7-inch display at a 1280×768 resolution, that would provide this Tegra 3-powered tablet with a decent 213ppi.

Power Board screen grab

In addition to the information above Android Police also revealed some code stating the term ‘Grouper’ really where the meat of the secrets lie. The device’s codename of ‘Grouper’ is key, based on the fact that previous Google devices such as the Nexus One and G1 have shared in the fishy naming convention, adopting ‘Mahi mahi’ and ‘Trout’ respectively. What’s more, the tablet runs an Android 4.1 SDK which many believe to be JellyBean a clue also bolstered by the ‘J’ in the device’s build number, a trait that Android Police say has been cropping up in numerous instance elsewhere.

The current testing phase currently being undertaken by the Nexus tab gives us hope that Google are on track for their expected June/July launch.


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