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Google Drive and Google Chrome land on iOS

Just days after Google announced Chrome would replace Android’s native Webkit-based browser, Chrome for iOS has arrived too along with Google Drive.

Google Chrome has quickly risen to power and in recent months, pipping Mozilla Firefox to the post in becoming the most popular web browser in the world. Add to that another Google product having made it as the most widespread mobile OS globally, and you have yourself a recipe for some platform based cross-pollination. 

Chrome for Android will be the standard OS browser from now on, a trend kicked off by the new Android 4.1 Jelly Bean-running Nexus 7 tablet. Google haven’t stopped there though as with only a day under the Android browser’s belt,  Chrome for iOS has arrived too. In much the same fashion as the Android edition, Chrome for iOS knows all your bookmarks, passwords and setting from its desktop counterpart and can sync this data over the air. 

Chrome and Drive for iOS

In addition to a new Google browser, iOS is also joining the number of platforms to support Google Drive. The company’s cloud file storage and management service, which has hit both iPhone and iPad joining the likes of not only Mac OS X, but Windows, Android and in the same unveiling, Chrome OS. Google have clearly assessed the market carefully and if they can’t have everyone using Android, they’ll at least get them using other Google products. The Verge have also spotted that both apps are available now for download on the App Store for devices running iOS 4.3 and up, we’ve included links if you’re interested.


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