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Google Earth is now on the iPad, and it’s awesome

Google has updated its Google Earth iPhone app to be ‘universal’, meaning it now also works as a full-screen high-resolution app on the iPad. And it’s amazing. The app, which is free, has full resolution imagery, and has a new iPad-friendly interface including pop-up menus.

Why is it so good?¬†Because Google Earth suits a touchscreen tablet even more than it suits a computer or an iPhone. That’s partly down to screen size, but also due to the tactile nature of the app when used with a touchscreen. Pinching and zooming your way around the globe is a marvellous experience, and be warned, it’s a real time-sucker once you get started.

Otherwise, the iPad app has the same features as the iPhone version. You can turn different layers of information on and off, such as geo-located photos and Wikipedia articles. And you can use a two-finger swipe to tweak your viewing angle, to get a proper look at mountains and hills. Both apps have the new ‘Roads’ layer to highlight major roads, and it all ties into Google Search.

It’s ideal for showing off your iPad, but this being Google, expect more features to be added in future updates to make the app more useful too, as it develops alongside the online version of Google Earth.


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