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Google employees seeing Nexus S Ice Cream Sandwich update, official rollout soon?

The Ice Cream Sandwich source dropped a few weeks ago, the Galaxy Nexus has been in the wild for some time, and yet there’s still no official update for the Nexus S to be found. What’s the dealio, Google?

Turns out it might not be that far off. Android Police have managed to catch several updates to Google+ referencing Ice Cream Sandwich being pushed to the Nexus S’s of Google employees. From the sounds of things it’s not a final build and is intended for testing, but it’s a sign that an official update for the pure Google handset of old isn’t too far off.

Not too long now, friends. If you’re feeling dangerous then you could always try one of the AOSP ROMs the fine fellows over at XDA Developers have been cooking up.

Source: Android Police via Engadget


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