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Google Glass may still be a year away, code reveals interesting new gestures

Google has never given a formal release date for the consumer version of Glass, saying only that a more affordable and finalised version would be available before the end of the year. That looks to have changed if comments by Eric Schmidt are to be believed, however. The former Google CEO recently let slip in a BBC interview that the consumer version of Google Glass was “probably a year-ish away”.

That may come as a disappointment for anyone who was hoping to gleefully shout “OK Glass!” around the Christmas tree, but things are still up in the air. Schmidt no doubt has an overview of Google’s operations in general, but isn’t directly involved in the development of Glass.

When Glass is eventually released, you might just be using some cool gestures to interact with the unit. Reddit user fodawim discovered references to certain control gestures in the Glass companion app, MyGlass. The code hints at head gestures that could wake Glass or put it to sleep, and users could also wink to take pictures.

The features may not necessarily end up on final Glass units, but it’s encouraging to see Google at least experimenting with different methods of interaction. A ton of developers are going to be getting their hands on Glass Explorer Editions soon enough, so anything that Google is thinking of including will be tested to death and adjusted accordingly. We should also be seeing more Glass details leak out as those Explorer units find their way into the public.

[spotted at The Verge/The Next Web]


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