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Google Glass thief accidentally live streams his day

This video cropped up online, apparently showing a New York City tourist having his Google Glass headset nicked. What the thief didn’t know was that the Google Glass was live-streaming at the time…

Tourist Mike Geller was appraoched by a stranger in Bryant Park, NY, who asked to try on his headset. The crafty swine then apparently makes off with the Google Glass, unaware that Geller had LiveLens streaming everything to his phone. In the below video, you can see the thief hastily buggering off with his newly acquired gadget at the 2-minute mark. He then has a super-fun day: buying beer, drinking said beer alone in his apartment, and attending some kind of rave where people dress as giant animals.

So, what do you think? Stupidly real or obvious fakery? Either way, that final five seconds is pretty damn surreal. And this isn’t the first time that moronic thieves have been caught out by the very tech they pinched.

Google Glass finally launched in the UK in June, although we’re yet to see a single Glasshole out in the wild. Guess no one wants to be that one and only tech geek on the train, attracting all the curious glances. We probably need some national day where everyone agrees to don their glasses, in a “I’ll wear mine if you wear yours” kind of pact.

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