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Google Glass tutorial video shows off the user interface

How exactly do you go about using Google Glass without a traditional user interface? Google has posted a video to YouTube that teaches lucky owners exactly how to get up to speed with the wearable unit. It’s only a short little demonstration, but it gives us a better idea of what the interface looks like and how you interact with Glass on a regular basis.

A capacitive touch sensor is embedded in the plastic that runs alongside the titanium headband, with not unfamiliar gestures controlling Glass. To wake Glass up, for example, you simple tap the strip. Navigation is done using simple side swipes, and going back from certain options – along with putting Glass to sleep – is achieved by swiping down.

The video gives us a better look at the user interface too. It’s pretty simplistic overall, but it’s clearly designed to give you the most important information in that limited real estate. Large, clean fonts serve up the crucial details like messages or email, all while photos of your friends will engulf the screen along with weather icons and sharing options.

Developers and those with cash to burn already have their hands on the $1,500 Explorer Edition of Google Glass, but the rest of us may have to wait until next year before seeing a consumer version. Eric Schmidt recently alluded to the release date of the regular version of Glass in a BBC interview, saying that the wearable unit was “probably a year-ish away.” There’s no word on what the final version will cost, but Google has said in the past that it won’t be too far off what we currently pay for smartphones.


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