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Google Glass update adds web browser, additional voice commands

Google Glass is still very much in testing, even for the developers and VIPs lucky enough to have access to a unit. That doesn’t mean that Google is going to leave the software as is, though. The company has pushed out a new update to the wearable unit that adds several new features, including hands free usage and web browsing.

According to a post on Google+, Glass users will now be able to perform certain tasks without touching the unit at all. Additional voice commands have been added that will allow lucky owners to have their text messages read to them, and owners will also be able to answer calls with a simple prompt. In addition, Google has updated the unit to allow messaging to more than ten contacts. Glass wearers will be able to scroll through their entire list of contacts and send a text or make a call to any of them.

The biggest new feature, though, is the fully functional web browser on Glass. Owners will now be presented with a “View website” option for searching for queries, with full navigation controls provided by a combination of touch and motion control. Scrolling through pages, for instance, can be done by simply dragging a finger along the capacitive touchpad, while panning around involves touching two fingers to the touchpad and some head movement.

Google says that the latest update will be rolled out automatically to Glass units “over the next couple [of] days.” More updates are also on the way, but there’s still no word on when we can expect to see a final version of Glass for consumers.

Spotted at TechCrunch


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