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Google Hangouts will soon add SMS and MMS integration, according to leaked screenshots

Google Hangouts could soon include SMS integration. Android Police has obtained leaked screenshots of version 1.3 of Hangouts, which shows the option to turn on SMS within the app, as well as MMS.

Hangouts will reportedly specify which messages have been sent through your carrier via a “sent with SMS” tag next to the timestamps. It’s not clear if video messaging using MMS will be supported, but Hangouts itself will apparently add video sharing capabilities in this new iteration.

Rumours in the past have suggested that Google would remove the default Messaging application and replace it with Hangouts instead. The screenshots showing SMS and MMS integration hint that the company is intent on going through with that plan, but there’s no word on exactly when Google could announce the change for Android. Given that the next-generation Nexus phone and KitKat are fast approaching, we’d expect to hear more concrete details soon.


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