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Google’s ‘Inbox’ app is the new uber-Gmail

Take Gmail and Google Now and smush them together and what do you get? Google Inbox, apparently.

The bods over at Google have been super busy of late, working on their newest Nexus 6 and 9 devices as well as the tasty Android Lollipop, but San Francisco’s finest have also been tweaking one of Google’s best loved services, Gmail. The result, Google Inbox, is a blend of Gmail and Google Now that should help to keep you organised and turn you into an uber-efficient machine.

Inbox by Gmail is currently invite-only but already it’s intriguing us, adding a new level of intuition to your emails. For instance, Inbox will group your mail into ‘bundles’, organising emails of similar content together, presumably making it easier to dismiss spammy marketing crap and concentrate on your important communications.

Inbox also adds a new level of calendar integration by showing flight information, parcel tracking and reservation details at a glance, allowing you to see the essential info without having to bugger about searching through emails. To-do lists and reminders will be displayed at the top of your inbox, and it looks as though adding new items to your agenda will be easier than ever.

Google has even added a smart new Snooze function, which allows you to snooze your reminders to a specific time, meaning there’ll never again be a good excuse for forgetting to book a table for that special someone in your life…or, you know, just you and a good book. Or yeah, just a reminder to watch X Factor while you eat reheated Crispy Pancakes in your pants.

We’re impressed with what we’ve seen so far and we’re looking forward to getting our hands on the app, but you might want to get your invite request in soon as we can see this being pretty popular.