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Google and LG said to be working on another Nexus phone

Google and LG made waves with the announcement of the low cost Nexus 4, and the duo may be teaming up again for the so-called Nexus 5. The Korea Times reports that the CEOs of LG and Google – Koo Bon-joon and Larry Page – met recently in South Korea to discuss future business prospects together. The two executives reportedly discussed several topics at the meeting, which ended up lasting over an hour.

The biggest piece of news to come out of the meeting, though, is that Google and LG will apparently collaborate once again on the successor to the Nexus 4. It’s unlikely that we’ll see a sequel to the handset at Google I/O, but expect to see a follow-up sometime towards the end of the year that will bring the stock Android device up to speed with other manufacturer’s flagships.

So why are LG and Google becoming so cosy? Sources speaking to The Korea Times say that LG is looking to continue the momentum the company has seen on recent sales of smartphones and TVs. The Nexus 4 certainly made a big impression with its combination of attractive specs and low price, so it stands to reason that LG would want Google to thrust the company and accompanying products into the spotlight again.

Having said that, the Nexus 4 was really a victim of its own success. LG and Google struggled to meet demand when the device first went on sale, with order backlogs stretching back months in some extreme cases. If LG and Google really want to work together again, they’ll need to fix any supply and order issues unless they want to be met with angry customers once again.

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