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Google Maps 4.6 updates Latitude for Android 2.2 phones, stalks your mates in real time

We spotted this update last week on the Google Mobile Blog and have been patiently waiting for our update to download. Now it has we can safely spread the word about the awesomeness of Google Maps 4.6.

As well as tidying up the Place pages from the last update, you can now use Google Latitude to track the location of your friends in real time.

Load up Latitude as normal and when you click on a friend from your list you’ll see there’s an option to enable ‘real-time updating’.

This means you can more accurately track the movements of your cheating partner, or help out a friend who has lost their phone, than before.

Currently real-time updating only works on Android phones running 2.2. Your mates will need to download Google Maps 4.6 and have Latitude enabled as well for this to work. Google says that this is an ‘experimental option’ so we could see it roll out to older versions of Android in the future.

Check the Downloads section in the Android Market on your phone for the update or alternatively check the link from your Android phone’s browser below.


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