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Google+, Maps and Goggles updated

We’ve just had three Google apps update on our phones and we’re that breed of techy that gets a tingle when such seemingly-mundane things occur. But can you blame us? With the last Google Maps update we saw indoor mapping in airports and shopping centres.

Today it isn’t just Google Maps that has received the update treatment, but Google Goggles and Google+ as well. Unsurprisingly after the last maps update was so huge, the latest one is comprised mainly of stability fixes. The Google Goggles update is a bit more beefed out however, with a new menu and continuous mode.

This new mode constantly analyses your viewfinder and is capable of ‘Goggling’ multiple items, logging them in a bar at the bottom of the screen. It worked a treat for us in the short space of time we used it and is bound to save users time backing and forthing between modes. It won’t handle translation and doesn’t save your finds in the history, for those features, it’s good old fashioned snapshot mode.

The final update, Google+ is probably the one that will affect most users and brings with it much of the desktop Google+ experience to the Android platform. Enabling users to +1 photos and comments, upload high-res photos and videos and see if someone is online and typing in the messenger it will add tangible benefits to anyone hooked on Google+.


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