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Google Maps for Android: Faster, easier, more swiping

Google Maps for mobile 4.1 has just been announced, with a plethora of natty new features to make your Android mapping experience more pleasurable.

The search page is much less complicated in 4.1, with tabs relegated to the scrap heap and all the results’ information on the one screen. New buttons make each search result’s page a one-stop-shop for calling, navigating to or street-viewing the business or location you’re investigating. Moving between search results just takes a quick swipe in either direction, saving you going back to the full list.

Google has also introduced a Latitude widget that you can save to your home screen, but what’s a bit more exciting is the fact that you can now use maps as your handset’s wallpaper – constantly updating with live information. So there’s even less excuse to ever be lost, now that you Android owners can see where you are without even having to open an app.

Android phones running version 1.6 or above can update Maps to version 4.1, just search for Google Maps in the Android Market.

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