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Google Maps gets indoor mapping in latest update – goes inside shops and airports in the US and Japan


The new Google Maps 6.0 update has landed and boy is it a good’un. Packing the same incredibly useful service we’re used to and in many cases dependent on, the new iteration also introduces something pretty incredible – indoor mapping.

The great thing about the indoor mapping is it not only highlights shop and navigation details, but also points you to the nearest bathroom, escalator and disabled access point.

So clever is the new Google Maps, that it will even navigate across floors. A bar appears to the right of the screen with the floor number and switching between floors will activate a simple, attractive 3D visualisation.

Google Maps 6.0 is be available on most Android devices and can be downloaded from the link above. While it’s currently only available in the States and Japan across specified airports and malls, we’re expecting it to roll out to major indoor attractions around the world as happened with the 3D buildings. Even for non US & Japan residents however, we whole heartedly recommend checking this out and having a play, it’s the pinch-to-zoom future. For more information, check out Google’s blog.

Source: Android Police Via: Hello Android


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