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Google Maps for iOS and Android will begin showing adverts with search results

Google updated its iOS and Android maps apps recently to bring them more in line with the company’s recent design guidelines, and now it’s time for the search giant to generate some revenue. The Next Web reports that the company will begin displaying what it calls “relevant” adverts at the bottom of its Maps applications after users perform their searches.

Ads will occupy the same space as current search results at the bottom of the screen, and function just like any other query. Users will be able to swipe up to receive more information, and even quickly call the business in question, access its website, or pull up directions. Companies looking to use Google’s Adwords for mobile can opt for paid or free click options, with both methods offering different options for displaying results.

This latest move by Google shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. The company thrives on its advert business, with many developers on Android relying on them to provide free apps to users. And it’s not the first time we’ve seen adverts on Maps either: the old integrated Google maps for iOS would occasionally suggest display search results.


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