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Google releases refreshed Maps app for iPad, opens up new Maps on desktop

Google promised that a revamped Maps interface for the web and iPad would be coming over the summer, with the search company delivering late last night. Google has now opened up the refreshed Maps interface on the web to all. It’s an opt-in process, but still a nice look at what the company has been working on lately.

As the video above explains, Google has focused more on discovery with this latest Maps tweak. Maps will now try to provide recommendations for restaurants and attractions based on what you search for, using Zagat and other reviews to give you the best options. People will be able to save locations too, or quickly ask Maps for directions with the familiar transit options. Public transport schedules have been improved, though, with Google providing more visual cues for when trains are due to depart.

In addition, Google has pushed out an update to Maps on iOS that includes a brand new iPad app. The design of the iPad app is very similar to what the company has been using for its iPhone and recently updated Android apps, featuring cleaner fonts and a simpler card-based interface. And just like the Android version of Maps, live traffic incidents and dynamic rerouting is available for anyone who feels brave enough to use an iPad as their main navigation system.

If you want to try the new Maps on the desktop, you need only head over to and hit “Get the new Google Maps”. The iOS update, meanwhile, should be rolling out to devices at the moment.


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