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Google Maps update adds London transport directions

Google has updated the beta version of Google Maps 5.7 for Android to includes access to public transport directions in London, including `8,000 bus stops and 250 Underground stations.

Announced via the Google Mobile Blog and available as an update to Google Maps,  if you are in London simply select ‘Transit Lines’ via the Layers Menu and the map displays the placement of tube lines.

Tourists will find it especially useful. Simply enter the name of the place you want to visit – such as the Natural History Museum – and it shows the quickest way from  your current location.

When you search for directions as before you can now click the central bus icon to get Public Transport options. A pop-up box appears with selectable departure time and date, you then get three trip options. Each includes walking directions to the nearest tube station and once on the tube, the number of stops you need to take and the approximate time it will take.

Android can access the Transport Navigation (Beta). Here the phone vibrates to notify you need to change direction of get off public transport. Google Maps Navigation also runs in the background, so you can make a phone call or send a text and the notification bar appears when it’s time to change direction.

Google introduced transit directions earlier, with East Anglia, East Midlands, Scotland and SE UK already covered, but it’s only today that London (and Budapest) have appeared. There are now over 400 cities covered.


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