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Google mobile image search update: Speedy and splendid

Oh Google; you’re a multi-national super-company after our own hearts. It’s another strike in the non-evil column for the search giant as it updates mobile image search for iPhones version 3.0+ and Android 2.1 handsets – and makes it wonderful.

The updated picture search tool is fast as a greased weasel but, thankfully, far more attractive. The search returns nicely laid-out thumbnails and loads images fast enough for you to swipe through – almost cover-flow style. Individual images are given plenty of space on an uncrowded black background so you can easily see if it’s the picture for you or not.

It’s got us searching for images on our phones for the first time in, well, ever – give it a go yourself. Just open Google in your mobile browser and click on images. The world of comedy cat pictures on-the-go is your oyster.

 [Source: Mashable]



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