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Google Music Android app updates on our Nexus One: UK rollout imminent?

Google Music came out of beta-land and arrived in the Android Market last week, albeit for citizens of the US of A only. However, we spotted an update in our notif bar earlier and duly updated our Nexus One. So is Google Music is on it’s way to the UK?

We’ve only had a brief play around with the app and so far the only difference we’ve noticed is a cosmetic one; the blue Honeycomb/Ice Cream Sandwich is all present and correct.

There’s no shop or way to buy any tunes so far and the update seems to have hobbled out ability to sync any more music from our desktop. We managed to get an invite to the beta version, which enabled us to play ball with the iOS/Safari version on our iPhone 4.

It’s possible that as we used the same Google Account to log in to the beta, we got this version of the app ahead of a general UK release.

When we headed on over to the Android Market, the ‘US Only’ caveat was still present and correct. We’ve contacted Google for some clarification regarding rollout of Google Music to the UK and elsewhere.

So far, a quote given to International Business Times outlines Google’s reverse British Invasion plans: “For now, Google Music is only available in the U.S. We do hope to bring this service to more people, but don’t have anything more to share about international launch timelines.”


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