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Google Music Store shots emerge: Free Song of The Day to go with your cloud locker? Don’t mind if we do

Google Music has been on our radar a lot this year. Since the keynote back in May, we’ve seen a beta version of the cloud locker arrive for iOS 4 devices and we more recently heard in October that a music store would be launching this month.

If the ability to sling tens of thousands of songs into the cloud doesn’t float your boat, then surely the offer a free song a day might sweeten things, or at least pique your interest.

Uncovered by the intrepid team at TecnoDroidVe come some screengrabs of what looks like Google’s Music Store, taken on an HTC Inspire 4G.

The screenshots suggest that tunes suggest that you’ll be able to buy and download music on your Android phone from a dedicate section in the Android Market, in a similar way to how there are filters for Apps, Books and Films in the Market right now.

As you’d expect from any music vendor worth its salt, it looks like you’ve got the option to buy single tracks as well as full albums. Perhaps the biggest draw however is what looks to be the option to download a free song of the day; taking a leaf from Amazon’s own App of the Day promotion in it’s own Appstore.

These screenshots come a couple of days before Google’s mystery event in Los Angeles this Wednesday, thought to possibly be the debut of said Google Music Store. Though we’re not going to be at the event ourselves we will be watching the livecast, at at 10:00 PM UK time (2:00PM PST).

Hit up the source below for more juicy pics of what may or may not be the Google Music Store; fingers crossed we’ll know for sure on Wednesday night.

Source: TecnoDroidVe via Android Police