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Google Music goes live in the UK

Competition for the music streaming service of choice is rife within the industry with players like Spotify and iTunes on the scene taking different approaches and indeed we were present at the launch of HP Connected Music just last week, but now Google Music, formerly a US-only service has landed here in the UK, offering consumers another option with which they can get their tunes of choice from.

Google Music

There are two key components to the service, the Music Store found within Google Play and the Music Manager which lets users upload existing tracks from your computer so that you can have access to them anywhere (20,000 song limit). Google Play Music is the mobile app which has also been updated to feature the new service, no longer simply serving as the music player on devices running stock Android.

For those who want to pursue Google’s offering, individual tracks on the Music Store are priced at either 79p or £1.29 depending on the popularity of the track; Adele’s ‘ Someone Like You’ can be had for 79p, whilst Psy’s infamous ‘Gangnam Style’ sits at the top of the front page, available for £1.29.

Google Music 1Google Music 2Google Music 3

If prospective customers want to pick up an entire album, prices range from £5.99 to £12.99 depending on the artist/artists and number of tracks. Through the online store, music has been collated into ‘Top Songs’, ‘Top Albums’, ‘New Releases’, Compilations’ and ‘Genres’, whilst the mobile app lists ‘Genres’, ‘Featured’, ‘Top Albums’ and ‘Top Songs’. In both instances users can also search for specific tracks and albums as they would an app and each track or album features its own reviews, ratings and the ability to ‘+1’ it, again, just like Android apps.

You can set up Google Music online or download the app from Google Play here.


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