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Google and HTC’s Nexus 8 tablet: UK specs and rumours

Google’s Nexus 8 tablet is on the verge of launching, so here’s everything we know about the mysterious tab thanks to leaks, rumours and internet wizadry, plus some good old fashioned guesswork.

News emerged today from Korea that an HTC device rumoured to be the new Google Nexus 8 tablet has been certified, suggesting that its UK launch is close by. Here’s what we know so far about the much-anticipated follow-up to the excellent Nexus 7.

HTC Google Nexus 8 tablet leaks online, specs and UK price and release date rumours

HTC has been rumoured to be working on the Nexus 8 tablet for a while now, after Asus churned out the Nexus 7 devices, and now it appears to be all but certain. HTC has a big New York launch lined up for August 19th, but we’re assuming that the new Windows Phone handset will be the star of that particular show. The Nexus 8 will likely be revealed by Google later in the year.

As the name implies, the Nexus 8 should be an 8-inch tablet, making it just a fraction bigger than the iPad Mini. Chances are it’ll be a 64-bit machine, capable of running the latest apps with buttery smooth performance, and of course the Nexus 8 will run Google’s Android L OS, with no overlays or other mess.

Judging by past devices, we’d expect the Nexus 8 to pack an HD screen but also a respectable price tag – say around £150 for a 16GB model, rising as you add more storage.

We’ll bring you the full skinny when the Nexus 8 launches, as well as an in-depth review.



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