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Google Nexus One available on Vodafone from April 30th

Been waiting with bated breath since January to get yourself a Google Nexus One? Breathe easy, my friend. Your wait is almost over – the ‘superphone’ will be available on Vodafone from April 30th, just four short days away.

Although the Vodafone website says it’ll aim to deliver by May 5th, word from the PR team says you should get your handset on April 30th if you pre-order online. It’s not clear exactly when you’ll be able to stroll into a Vodafone store and pick one up but shouldn’t be long after.

The handset can be yours for free on a £35 per month 24-month plan, although there are 18-month deals as well as plans starting at £25 a month. All the Vodafone deals offer an inclusive 1GB of data and Wi-Fi.

Still no news on when/if the Nexus One will be available direct from Google in the UK without having it shipped from the US though. Come on, guys. Clock’s a tickin’.


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