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Google Nexus One GelaSkins make us feel warm inside

Here at Château Recombu we’ve been umming and ahhing over whether to get a Google Nexus One or an HTC Bravo. Their stats are virtually identical and they both run on the same version of the same Android 2.1 operating system. The only real differences are that the Nexus One has a spherical trackball and Google’s native UI and the Bravo has an optical trackpad and HTC’s Sense UI.

However these removable covers from the Toronto-based GelaSkins has just nudged the vote towards the Nexus One camp.

We particularly liked Nanami Cowdroy’s Twitterific ‘Cable Cranes’ and the steampunk-esque ‘Underworld’ by Colin Thompson. Self-confessed Kozyndan fan Kate Solomon highly rates their ‘Bunny Blossom’. We also liked GelaSkins’ own ‘Union Jack’ which for some strange reason made us want to put the kettle on for afternoon tea.

Each skin costs $14.95 on it’s own plus an additional $5.95 to ship to the UK – converted from Canadian currency this works out at about £12.30 (inc. shipping).

GelaSkins is currently running a 4 for the price of 3 promotion, so if want to have a different cover for each of the seasons for your Nexus One, that’ll set you back about $65.75 including shipping (or £38.60 in the Queen’s currency).


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