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Google Nexus Prime annoucement due October 19th

The first mobile phone running Google’s new operating system Ice Cream Sandwich will be announced on October the 19th.

An announcement posted on the Samsung Mobile Facebook page, under Google and Samsung icons states: ‘Join Google and Samsung for a look at what’s new from Android on October 19th at 10am Hong Kong Time’ This means we can expect the news at around 3am UK time.

We’re expecting the announcement to be the new Samsung/Google smartphone the Google Nexus Prime or Samsung Galaxy Nexus (the name hasn’t been confirmed yet) was due to be announced on this week, however the event was postponed following the death of Steve Jobs as a mark of respect.

A tiny glimpse of the phone was spotted in a teaser video last week, showing a very slim curved device. Although specifications have yet to be confirmed, we’re expecting a 1.2 Ghz processor, 1GB RAM and 4.65-inch touchscreen.

Of course, the interesting feature of the handset, will be the Ice Cream Sandwich operating system, designed to work across tablets and smartphones and the natural successor to both Honeycomb and Gingerbread.

We’ll find out out all the details next week, so check back again then.

Source: Facebook


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