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Google Nexus S spotted in white, will probably be out before white iPhone 4

A white Nexus S has been spotted over on German site Best Boyz. Well, a half-white one. This Nexus S comes with that familiar black front and a creamy white backing. It looks a bit odd to us, but not unappealing – it looks rather like a nice pint of the black stuff. All the same, we reckon that an all-white version would look a lot better.

The Boyz say that the flagship Google phone will be available in both black and white in their home country, but there’s no word on price or when it’s coming out over there.

Chances are we’re probably as likely to see this hit our shores as we are a white iPhone 4, which has been promised and then delayed for as long as we can remember. We’ve recently seen white BlackBerry Torches and HTC Gratia’s announced – it can’t be that hard for Apple and Samsung to splash out on some white paint?

Source: Best Boyz via Samsung Hub


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