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Google Nexus Tablet: 7-inch screen, made by Asus, priced at £95 (rumour)

The Google Nexus Tablet, a joint effort between Asus and Google is “a done deal,” and will be a “tablet of the highest quality,” according to a well-placed informant talking to Android and Me.

Other details on the tablet are thin on the ground but the word on the street is that the screen with measure 7-inches and the price tag will be in the $149-$199 region. This converts to £95-£125 in UK money. We’ll take ten.

Though we’re naturally hungry for more concrete information we’re hopeful for a Nexus Tablet and would not be at all surprised if Asus is named as a manufacturing partner for it.

Google Nexus Tablet: Eric Schmidt all but confirms it

Earlier this year it looked like Eric Schmidt had all but confirmed that a Nexus Tablet was in the works. Back then we heard nothing concrete about a manufacturing partner though it looked like Motorola was a shoe-in given the proposed merged with Google.

In January whispers were already circulating on the size of the tablet – 7-inches – and the price, $199.

Last week we heard (again via Android and Me) that Asus was being tipped as the maker of the tablet, tweaking and cannibalising the existing Asus MeMo 7-inch tablet.

Demand for cheaper tablet alternatives to the expensive premium iPad is evident; sales of the Amazon Kindle Fire have skyrocketed in the US. You can see why Google would want to emulate the success of the Kindle Fire, when sales of all other Android tablets form last year combined haven’t even made a dent in iPad sales.

Android 5.0 Jelly Bean: Support for tablets, laptops and lapdocks

Asus is also well positioned to make a tablet-laptop hybrid given its pedigree with devices such as the Transformer Prime. Android 5.0 Jelly Bean is thought to include better integration with keyboard devices and flesh out Android so that it provides a fuller desktop experience. A desktop experience (or something certainly approaching it) is what you get with the Transformer Prime.

A keyboard dock that’s compatible with a 7-inch tablet might seem small and cramped but take a look at what RIM has done with the BlackBerry Mini Keyboard for the PlayBook.

This full Qwerty accessory gives the BlackBerry PlayBook a battery boost (of up to 30 days), comes with an optical trackpad and thanks to BlackBerry OS 7, you can use the touchscreens and keyboards of your BlackBerry phone as a trackpad pointer/wireless keyboard.

Though there aren’t many Android phones out there with full Qwerty keyboards, we can see phones doubling as trackpad peripherals for use with a Nexus Tablet and a keyboard. If this was another feature of Android 5.0 Jelly Bean, again, we wouldn’t be that surprised.

Details regarding the Asus and Google deal are thin on the ground; we’ve asked around at Asus here in the UK for confirmation or more info and are waiting to hear back. We’re holding our breath ever so slightly with a pinch of salt at the ready.


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