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Google Nexus tablet early press shots leaked?

Nexus, the name that makes Android fans really sit up and listen. The name which has only ever been reserved for the purest of Android devices, those which run a stock build of Google’s mobile OS and so far a name that has only ever been tied to a handful of phones.

The Nexus tablet is a different beast, but one many have no doubt been expecting. PhoneArena have come into possession of a set of intriguing images, apparently showcasing the yet unannounced tablet in a pretty complete state.

Google Nexus tablet

If this blurry imagery is to be believed, the Google Tablet looks to be a mix of metals and plastics, especially on the back where we’re presented with a particularly iPhone 2G/HTC Legend aesthetic mix of what could be textured aluminium and soft touch black plastic. Having said that, the ideals of a low-cost (around £125+) 7-inch tablet to rival the likes of the Amazon Kindle Fire, may rule out the notion of luxurious materials such as aluminium in such large quantities.

The Tegra-3 tablet, said to be under construction by direction of Asus, also bears the company’s logo in these images, which is not unexpected despite being a Google device first and an Asus device second. Confusingly the top of the tablets frontage features an ear piece, rendering the Nexus tab more Galaxy Note than PadFone tablet, at least with its approach to calls.

Google Nexus tablet leaked back

The tipster also reiterated what we’d seen with the underlying benchmark information previously, in that Android 4.1 is still the Nexus tab’s operating system of choice, over what many were hoping would be Android 5.0 Jelly Bean. Expect the Google Nexus tab to make an official appearance in July, if not sooner.


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