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Google Nexus Tablet to be a 7-inch Kindle Fire killer?

We’d previously heard rumours about Google working on a Nexus tablet to launch alongside the Galaxy Nexus. That obviously didn’t happen but last month it looked like Eric Schmidt let the cat out of the bag regarding the existence of a Nexus Tablet.

Now DigiTimes is saying that not only is a Nexus Tablet being worked on right now, but it’ll be a 7-incher and will be priced to compete with the Amazon Kindle Fire at $199, which works out at roughly £128.

If true this would be a double-first; not only the first Nexus slate, but the first Nexus device to be aggressively priced. Nexus phones in the past, the One, the S and the Galaxy, have all occupied the upper echelons of the price spectrum in the past.

A Nexus tablet for £130-odd hitting the shelves in six months might also give those thinking of shelling out for a discounted PlayBook, which ought to be able to run repackaged Android apps once the PlayBook OS 2.0 update rolls out.

Amazon’s heavily discounted Kindle Fire has gone down a treat in the US, notching up some impressive sales figures, head and shoulders above the Android tablet pack, but still a way off of coming close to the iPad, mind. The Kindle Fire has yet to be given an official UK release date, but we’ve heard that it’s to be sometime this month.

Source: DigiTimes via N4BB


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