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Google Nexus Tablet within 6 months?

Google’s Eric Schmidt may have revealed plans to release a Google tablet in the next 6 months, possibly rocking the Nexus branding.

In an interview with Italian newspaper Corriere Della Sera, he revealed that Google has every intention of upping its stake in the tablet game, marketing a tablet of the highest quality to rival that of the iPad devices. The Next Web who translated this article using Google Translate accept a degree of meaning may have been lost in translation and that Schmidt could have simply been alluding to continued support for OEM tablets due to be released over the next six months.

In saying that, the prospect of a Nexus Tablet isn’t too great a stretch of the imagination. Taking the original Google phone, the HTC Dream for example, it was released just over a year before the Google Nexus One was launched. Six months from now would pitch this Nexus slate’s launch just over a year after the Motorola XOOM was released.

We’re hopeful this is the case. Developers have been well and truly accommodated for with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and its developer options. This support for tablets would not only mean a new tablet for the masses, but hopefully higher calibre apps from happier developers.

Source: Corriere Della Sera Via: The Next Web


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