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Google Nexus Two is really a Gingerbread-flavoured Samsung Galaxy S?

Disappointing rumours are surfacing that the mooted Google Nexus Two could just be an updated Samsung Galaxy S. What Gizmodo‘s tipster played with is massively different to the HTC-made Google Nexus One. Black with a shiny, glossy finish, the anonymous source said, “It feels really similar to the Galaxy S in a lot ways.”

The main difference between this rumour-ific device and the current Galaxy S is the inclusion of a front-facing camera – after all, where Apple leads thousands will follow.  As sharp-witted commenter ordinary_boy points out, the UK version of the Samsung Galaxy S does indeed have a front-facing camera. Sorry, Samsung – we take it all back.

Supposedly, Google is working on integrating video chat into Gingerbread so it’s not a surprise to see the addition. There’s not much detail on the handset’s internals, but if it comes running Gingerbread we can expect a slight cosmetic redesign, overhauled YouTube app and gaming updates along with other features we’re yet to discover.

This development goes against the rumours that the Carphone Warehouse-bound Nexus Two wouldn’t be made by Samsung. Will we see it hit the shelves in time for Christmas?

Phone fanatics may be disappointed that the supposed Nexus Two isn’t a bit more exciting – we certainly are – but we’re keeping the faith. It could still blow us away like the Nexus One did. Come on Google, don’t let us down. [Note: that image is a mock-up from the ever-talented folk over at Gizmodo]


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