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Google Now finally supports any app

Google is reportedly about to bring the Google Now API out into the open, so that any developer can make use of the intelligent digital PA.

Currently only 40 third-party apps have access to the Google Now API (as part of a pilot scheme), but in the future all of your phone’s apps could make use of the system, presenting you with important information via Google Now cards.

According to a report in The Next Web, Aparna Chennapragada, Director of Product Management for Google Now, stated that rather than fighting against rival apps, Google Now would instead rely on individual user app patterns to decide which data should be shown. She also discussed the search giant’s plan for an upcoming open API.

According to Chennapragada, Google started out by guessing what information users would want. However, it then opted to survey users instead, to find out what information they would find helpful at different times of the day. The personal experiences of the Google Now team were factored in too, but in the future people’s individual use of apps and information will dictate what cards their Google Now page shows and when.

The new features for Google Now are expected to begin rolling out of the course of the next few months. We’re hoping that there may be some fun new stuff included too, after it was revealed that the Google Now team were also working on ‘easter eggs’, similar to those offered by Google Search’s ‘flip a coin’ option.


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