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Leaked video promises Google Now for iOS users

Google Now was one of the most significant additions to Android Jelly Bean when it surfaced last year and following a video which momentarily appeared online earlier today that same service look like it’ll be gracing iOS devices too.

The Android experience uses other key Google services like Gmail and Google Calendar as well as time, date and location information to intelligently ‘predict’ what the user might be looking for, what’s more, over time Google Now learns popular terms and websites to streamline the search experience. We’ve seen Google Now offer up flight information, journey times for your morning commute and the next important appointment in your calendar without any prompting from the user and this same ‘intelligent push’ as Engadget call it could well hit iPhones and iPads soon.

The iOS Google app already presently supports voice searching independently of the native Siri service, but the enhanced experience provided by Now has remained absent. In the video which appeared and swiftly disappeared from the internets, the improved iOS app features the same card aesthetic that we’ve come to know from the Android experience and demonstrates its affinity for organising flights, car journeys, sports scores, restaurant recommendations and more.

There are still a few grey areas such as whether the ‘Navigate’ button will auto launch Apple Maps or require Google Maps to work correctly, but as a means of releasing a little more of Google’s own DNA into the iOS bloodstream, it’s a big step that’ll benefit both iOS users and Google alike.


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