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Google Now gets smarter at Google I/O 2013

Over the past year, Google’s mobile search experience has evolve tremendously and with Google Now, search truly started to become personal, taking into account your location, your family and friends, you favourite sports teams and more. At Google I/O we’ve just seen a number of additional new features which should be making their way to end users in the near future.

This new smarter Google Now builds on its existing skills with a bigger database and smarter ways to interact with personal content too. For starters, the Knowledge Graph – the database of interconnected people, places and things which Google searches draw from to better adapt answer for your specific query has grown, with millions upon millions of new connections and subjects appearing everyday.

Google Search and Google Now updated

Behind the scenes there are new statistics too, but what really impresses is that in its forthcoming form, Google will be able to predict what you may search next, following on from your existing query and even recommend alternative results, sort of like reading around a subject.

Another way in which Google’s new smarts are being embodied is in the form of new cards within Google Now. From Android or iOS, users will soon be able to pull up concise new information surrounding things like: reminders, music albums, video games, TV shows, Books and public transit information. What’s more actively performing new actions through Google Now will also be possible like seeing when a deliver is due or placing a restaurant reservation.

On the stage at I/O, Google Now’s mobile smarts also transitioned to the desktop experience, with the user being able to just speak out loud “OK Google” and then say what they’re looking for, completely hands free by using Google Chrome and its new Conversational Search feature.


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