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Super-smart Google Photos gives you free unlimited backup for your memories

Google Photos is the only online backup for all of your photos and videos you’ll need, offering unlimited high-quality storage for free.

Google Photos is a new online home for your photos and videos, giving you the ability to save a lifetime of memories, which are then available from any device for all of your family members. You’ll also have the ability to sync with Google Drive, ito make sharing even easier.

Like Apple’s photos app, you can see a grid of your photos across entire years, then pinch in to see specific photos and movies from a certain day. And impressively Google Photos can organise your photos according to who appears in them, where they were taken and so on, all automatically. You can then share with just a tap or two, as you’d expect, or create a slideshow presentation for your loved ones to endure.

The search function is also impressive, allowing you to search for terms such as ‘snow storm’, bringing up any relevant snaps and videos.

And with Google Photos you can now backup and store all of your high-res photos and videos, for absolutely free, up to 1080p and 16-megapixel quality. They’re stored in a compresed fashion at a near perfect quality. Good news considering we’re apparently facing a data storage in current years, and a great way to keep all of your memories safe and in one place for free.

The Google Photos service goes live from today and it’s cross-platform, so you don’t need to be an Android user to enjoy.

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