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Google Play for Education announced to help make schools smarter

Google’s Chris Yerga just stepped off stage after unveiling Google Play for Education at Google I/O. In the US, a large number of high profile schools and colleges are already utilising Google Docs as their primary means of document management, but Google want to increase their influence in the learning environment.

With the idea being that the uptake of tablets by both schools and students independently is likely to increase, Google Play for Education will serve as a new way for educators to manage educational apps and content on devices maintained or controlled by the schools.

Google I/O

The brief demonstrations showed us two fundamental mechanics with the system. Primarily, teachers can browse and download an app from a specially Google curated section of the Play store and automatically push that education-centric app to every one of his or her student’s connected Android tablets.

Meanwhile the secondary feature is the way to pay for these apps. Rather than centres of education having to use a single credit card to process each of what could equate to thousands of app transactions, Google are allowing payment from a centralised account tied to the school, college or university.

Google Play for Education will be rolling out in the US in the coming weeks and the concept may even stretch over the Atlantic to Europe and beyond.


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